CASAL SRL inform that all the products described in the catalogue are subjected to the following specify technical of working:

Aluminium and plastic products


he measures described in the catalogue through the technical design, should be intended that the maximum tolerance consented is +/- 0,2 mm, others specifications excepted.


Alloy aluminium (UNI 9006-I^).

Plastic materials characteristics described in the suppliers catalogues, which their quality has been established at the firm.<


All the working cycles which they have been established at the firm, must respect the following tolerances:

  • anodic oxidation thickness, silver and bronze, 15 micron +/- 5;
  • anodic oxidation thickness, black and elettrocolour, 20 micron +/- 5;
  • RAL polyesther painting thickness, 60 micron +/- 12.

All the range of colours described in the catalogue are indicated. The colours lists have been established at the firm. The colours are divided in standard and not standard.


For all the standard articles described in the catalogue, delivery time with 60 days, for other products not standard, in finishing or in colours, delivery time withing 90 days.

The informations above stated, aim to inform the customers, as well as to guaranted the technical characteristics of the products described in this catalogue of CASAL SRL.